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  • History

    Doc Evatt establish the UN’s mandate and drew up the charter, signed on 26 June 1945.
  • Australia as a global country

    Prime minister chiefly announces the end of WW2
  • UN

    The UN is officially born
  • member

    Australia becomes a member of the UN.

    UNESCO comes into force
  • Evatt presided

    On 10 December 1948, Evatt presided over the General Assembly session at which members unanimously passed the universal Declaration of (human right)
  • Korean war

    The Korean war begins
  • UN contentions

    A number of UN contentions are attached to the Human rights and equal opportunity
  • a report, published in 1996

    UNESCO commissioned a report, published in 1996
  • responded to the UN’s request

    In 1999, Australia responded to the UN’s request for it to establish and lead INTERFET.
  • Evatt

    Evatt becomes president of the General assembly