• during

    During the period between 1788 and 1868, about 160,000 convicts were sent to Australia. What happened to them when they got to Australia depended on their skills or education, how they behaved themselves and some luck.
  • Govener Phillip

    Governor Phillip left Sydney in December 1792. By then the settlement had survived its first and worst five years. Sydney was a rough place but it was still there and growing.
  • the first merino sheep

    • 1797 The first merino sheep was brought to Australia from South Africa.
    Because from serious injury from the burglars.
  • the rum rebelion

    • 1808 The Rum Rebellion: officers of the NSW arrest governor Bligh
    And take control of the colony.
  • goverment

    1824 government house hosts the first meeting of depilating council
  • the colony

    • 1836 The colony of South Australia established by George Fife and others.
  • tranportation

    • 1850 Transportation of British convicts to Sydney was established. However it continued in Hobart on the island of Tasmania and in Western Australia for several years, allowing those to colonise to grow more quickly. They’re first annual postage. Stamps were issued in NSW and VIC.
  • Many

    Many people believe that in 1851 Edward Hargraves was the first person to discover gold. Before 1851 gold had been found by convicts, shepherds, a clergyman and a Polish explorer. Hundreds more people probably found gold but did not bother telling others about it. Bushrangers - In the early days of Australia’s history, bushrangers roamed the countryside. They lived by stealing horses, holding up farms and travelers and robbing banks and stores. Many were escaped convicts. Ot
  • Australia's

    • 1854 Australia’s most bitter and bloody civil war when miners fought against police and soldiers at Eureka
  • saw the emergency of political

    • 1890 saw the emergency political parties and the movement toward of Australian colonies into one nation
  • Electoral reform.One man one

    • 1893 Electoral reform. One man vote was established for males
  • Federation: The common wealth of Australia was proclaimed

    1901 Federation: The common wealth of Australia was proclaimed. The same year, the white Australia was implanted .Sir Edmund Barton became Australia’s first priminister
  • Australia

    1905 Australia and New Zealand troops attack the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey with devastating results.