Historical Progression of Management

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  • Trust

    A trust is a giant industrial monopoly that leads the economy in that certain good or service.
  • Centralization

    Concentrating all power in a work place to the top end. Normally head managers or ceo's will be apart of this style of management.
  • Scientific Management

    Scientific Management
    Scientific management is a method of using science and peoples personal traits to perfect productivity in the work place. Finding the ways your employee's work best, then implementing them into the work place for efficient outcome.
  • Monopoly

    A monopoly is a business or company that is at the top of the chain. They must maintain this control of the economy as well to be considered a monopoly, One example would be Nike.
  • Decentralization

    All workers in a work place have say in something and put in about the same amount of work.
  • Hawthorne studies

    Hawthorne studies
    Studies done on workers to observe overall managing skills. Implemented social psychology into it to see if it would improve the workers.
  • Hierarchy of Needs

    Hierarchy of Needs
    Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a grouping and ordering of physical, security, and social needs.
  • Theory X and Y

    Theory X and Y
    Theory X is a theory that states many people in a certain style of work place are lazy and need stricter rules/punishment. You could see this style of work at a construction site or road work for example. Theory Y is the opposite, people enjoy work and need less supervision.
  • Theory Z

    Theory Z
    Theory Z is the idea of mixing Japanese and American ideas together.
  • TQM

    A system of management involving all employees and the improvement of their work environment.