Historical Evolution of IDT

Timeline created by jgalante
  • First school museum opened in St. Louis

  • Keystone View Company published Visual Education

    A teachers guide to lantern slides and stereographs
  • First catalog of instructional films was published

  • Rochester, NY public schools became the first to adopt films for regular instructional use

  • Government established the Division of Visual Aids for War Training

  • Edgar Dale created Cone of Experience

  • Work began in computer assisted instruction

    Research by IBM developed first CAI language and designed one of the first CAI programs used in public schools
  • Programmed instruction movement began

  • FCC set aside 242 TV channels for educational purposes

  • Soviet Union launched Sputnik

  • Beginning of criterion-referenced testing

  • The Conditions of Learning was published

  • Formative evaluation and summative evaluation were coined by Scriven

  • US military adopted instructional design model to guide training development

  • Interest in personal computers for instructional use increased

  • Beginning of the human performance movement