Historical events in the UK

  • A young queen

    A young queen
    Queen Victictoria became queen at the age of 18 and starts the Victorian age
  • Period: to


  • Stamped posts

    Stamped posts
    Post stamps have come in use
  • Mines

    An acted was passed which ended all child labour
  • Posted Boxes

    Posted Boxes
    The post boxes were finally built
  • The Great Exhibition

    The Great Exhibition
    A census showed half of Britians population lived in towns
  • War

    The crimean war begins
  • Cholera

    Cholera outbroke through Britian
  • Britian Won

    Britian Won
    Britian won the Crimean War
  • Toilets

    Indoor plumbing was now open to the public
  • Dead Prince

    Dead Prince
    Pronce Albert died
  • Football

    London Undergroumd opens. Starts the National Football League
  • Some guy named Joseph

    Some guy named Joseph
    Joseph Lister discovers disinfectent
  • Bodies shall hang no more

    Bodies shall hang no more
    The last public hanging was held
  • Store

    The first Sainsburry shop opens
  • Education

    Free school for everyone
  • More Alberts

    Queen Victoria opens the Albert Hall
  • There will be light

    There will be light
    First electric street lights
  • Ring! Ring!

    Ring! Ring!
    Alexander Gram Bell creates the telephone
  • Lady killer

    Lady killer
    Jack the Ripper claims his first victim
  • I like trains

    I like trains
    First electric railroad
  • Gramaphones

    The gramaphone was invented
  • Learning time

    Learning time
    Free education for every child
  • Lots 'o people

    Lots 'o people
    Britian had reached a population of 40 million
  • Luck 'o the Irish

    Luck 'o the Irish
  • WAR!!!!!!

    The gulf war began