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Historical events form 1587- 1700

By kwenger
  • Roanoke Founded

    Roanoke Founded
    Roanoke is a lost colony, but first english attempt to survive in America. Roanoke was on the East coast of North Carolina
  • 1st english child was born

    1st english child was born
    Her name was Virginia Dare. She was born at Roanoke and her grandfather was Captain John White.
  • Jamestown Founded

    Jamestown Founded
    Jamestown was the 1st sucsessfull english colony. Jamestown was settled on the James river in Virginia.
  • Additional Colonists Come

    Additional Colonists Come
    Additional colonists came over to Jamestown sometime is December of 1608.
  • Natives plant and Harvest Tabacco

    Natives plant and Harvest Tabacco
    This was the first sucsessfull year the natives had growing tabacco, basically saving their lives.
  • Smallpox Epidemic

    Smallpox Epidemic
    This epidemic wiped out a lot of Native Americans in New England.
  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses was located in virginia. The House of Burgesses was also the 1st example of a represenative government.
  • 1st Public Library

    1st Public Library
    The 1st public library was located in Virginia after it was founded by english land owners.
  • Plymouth Founded

    Plymouth Founded
    Plymouth was the 2nd pernament english settlement. Plymouth can be found on the east side of Massachusetts.
  • 1st Attempt at Slavery

    1st Attempt at Slavery
    In 1629 the Massachusetts Bay Colony was the 1st to bring over africans and turn them into slaves. After this several other colonies followed.
  • John Winthrop

    John Winthrop
    John winthrop became governor sometime in 1630. He was the 1st governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Rhode Island Slave Free

    Rhode Island Slave Free
    Rhode Island was the 1st state to not allow slavery. This law became present in 1652, but no one knows the exact date. Soon after some states followed, but sadly most did not.