historia de América Latina

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In History
  • Agentina get independence from Espana

  • Central America declare independence from mexico and Espana

  • Mexico

    Won their independence.
  • Central America splits from mexico

    Left Cali , Arizona, Nevada, Utah , New Mexico, Texas , & Mexico
  • Bolivia declare independence from espana

  • Simon Bolivar helped declare independence for espana

  • La invasion estaounidence de mexico

    President Andrew Jackson wanted land (1835)
    After war, Gadsen Purchase
  • Treaty of Guadalupe alloes USA to land

    cali, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, & parts of Texas .
  • War in the pacific

  • Peace treaty in Paris

  • Cuba gain independence when USA stepped in

  • Spanish-American War

  • EE.UU liberate guam from espana

  • Theodore Roosevelt intervened in Colombia/Pananma