Hip Hop as a cultural expression for African-Americans

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  • What perspective affect the present day interpretation of the expression

    Many critics say that Hip Hop music is not a real form of music or it is setting a bad influence. However, there are songs from every genre of music that sets a bad influence. Personally, I think hip hop is a great way to get people's attention about any social issues in our society, as it is the most popular genre of music as of 2019.
  • What events transformed the expression over time

    The commercial success of gangsta rap shifted the focus of hip hop music from inequality faced by minorities to boasting of wealth, drugs, women, and partying.
  • Culture and Society of the time and place of origin

    Hip Hop was created by African-Americans, Latino-Americans, and Caribbean-Americans from Bronx, New York, as a way to express the way that they live and to express how the culture and lifestyle is for the people in the culture.
  • Who is impacted

    Everybody in the general area of music is impacted, but it impacts the people of the cultures who are expressed in the song the most. Such as black people around the world from the music which promotes the black lives matter movement.
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    Creation of Hip Hop

    Hip Hop was first started by underground urban movements from Bronx, New York, and it included rapping to protest the inequalities that minorities suffer, mainly about the police and prisons.
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    Beginning gain popularity and to shift into "Gangsta Rap"

    The lyrics start to shift into "gangsta rap", many songs still had some lyrics about the inequalities that were being faced by minorities, but many of the lyrics now include drugs, money, and sexualization of women.
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    Gangsta Rap takes over as the face of Hip Hop

    Due to the successes of gangsta rap artists, such as Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and Dr Dre. Gangsta Rap became the face of Hip Hop, shifting away from the inequalities that African-Americans face in America to the boasting of money, drugs, violence and women. However, gangsta rap became very popular in America, not only for African-Americans, but Americans from different cultural backgrounds.
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    Diversification of Hip Hop

    Since then, Hip Hop has split up into many different categories and used by many different artists from different cultural backgrounds to express their cultures. Boasting of wealth, violence, drugs and women are still within Hip Hop, however, the topics of the struggles that minorities from different cultures are getting more attention than before.