• 400


    400 BC under the leadership of a scribe named Ezera, Jewish community flourished in Jerusalem, many were collected and organized into the Torah, made up of the five books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
  • Aug 31, 722

    Assyrians of Mesoptamia

    Assyrians of Mesoptamia
    722 BC- the Assyrians of Mesopotamia swept in and conquered the kingdom of Israel, scattering the people of the ten northern tribes throughout the Assyrian Empire.
  • Aug 31, 1020

    continual warfare

    1020 BC- the continual warfare with their neighbors in Canaan led most of the Israelites tribes to unite under one king Saul.
  • Aug 31, 1200


    1200 BC- the Israelite leader Moses rallied his people and led them out of Egypt in an departure in the Sinai Desert.
  • abraham

    1900 BC- Abraham, a herder and trader who lived in the Mesopotamian city of Ur. Around 1900 BC Abraham and his household left Ur and settled in Canaan at the command of Yahweh, or God.
  • Salomon

    David’s son Salomon succeeded his father in 973 BC Solomon founded new cities and rebuilt old ones. He also lavished money on building projects, constructing a magnificent temple to God in Jerusalem.
  • solomon's death

    922 BC After Solomon’s death the ten northern tribes broke away from the two tribes remaining in the south.
  • chaldeans

    586 BC- the Chaldeans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. They enslaved some of the city’s residents and carried the, off to exile in the Chaldean capital city of Babylon.
  • persians

    539 BC the Persians conquered the Chaldeans. The Persian king Cyrus the second allowed the Jewish exiles to return to Judah and to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.