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HCC Summer 2012

  • Go Over Re-Imaging With Cody

    Go Over Re-Imaging With Cody
  • Period: to

    Summer 2012

  • CT 104

    The sound in CT 104 is not functioning. The wiring to the VCR has been moved and the entire smart cart needs cleaned out and wire managed.
  • Period: to

    Update Track-IT! Inventory

    As we are Re-Imaging computers and cleaning stations I need to verify the information in the Track-It Inventory is correct.
  • Period: to

    Imaging Campus Computers

    Re-Image all computers on campus. Become comfortable with doing this myself and ask Cody for assistance.
  • Student Computer ADM-0011

    Verify Student Admin Computer is Imaged and performing faster. Report to John and let Michel know.
  • Replace Smart-Cart or Repair Smart Cart Door in Wellness Center

  • Period: to

    Begin Annual Cleaning

    a. Touch/ Clean Every Computer on Campus
    b. Inventory Every Computer
    c. Un-Plug and Dust Out Smart-Cart
    d. Replace Keyboards, Mice, Desktops (Quality Control)
  • Period: to

    I have left July open on purpose to work on group projects.

    There projects are including but not limited to:
    1. Admin Conference Room Team Project
    2. Cell Phone Booster
  • Update PC & Mac Install Sheets

  • Organize Documentation Folders