haydens native american indian timeline

  • Jan 1, 700

    Getting big

    The native american indians start to bulid flat top buildings.
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Time to explore

    Columbus sets on an expedition to explore unknown routes of trade witch results in contact with the indians.
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Be aware

    More experditions introduce smallpox and other desises.
  • Partnership

    Becuse of the englishes rivelry with spain they gang up with the tuscaroran people.
  • Getting the sack

    In battles the tuscaroran people sack the white people.
  • Into battle

    South carolina sends help to her sister colony.John barnwell leads 30 white men and 500 american indians into battle in north carolina.
  • New world

  • Wipeout

    Smallpox wipes out half the american indian population.
  • War

    north carolina milita and cherokee help the british war against the french and shawnee indians. Before canging sides and going home.
  • Disease again

    Another smallpox out break wipes out half the remaining population.
  • Slavery.

    The french enslave captives.
  • Destory

    The British army destroy 15 cherokee villages.
  • Proclamation

    king gorge III isusses proclamation that stops 7 years of war.
  • Settelement area

    cherokee open settlement area by the ohio river.
  • discussion

    cerokee discuss going to war with the americans.
  • Treaty

    The treaty of holsten is started giving more land.
  • More settlement

    More land o[pebn in far west.
  • swapsees

    Whites start swapping goods for land.
  • The law

    Native american indians make a law.
  • judges

    They make judjes to enforce the law.