Harry Styles: From the beginning

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  • One Direction

    Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter and actor. His career as a singer began in 2010, when he auditioned on the British X Factor. There, he and five other boys became a band which is called One Direction.
  • Harry in One Direction

    Harry in One Direction
    Harry continued singing with One Direction. He and the boys, Niall, LIam, Louis and Zayn were having the time of their lives. They lost X factor but they won the world. People said "Not evenThe Beatles had this attention". One Direction was a music phanomenon. The whole world was obssesed with them. They were touring until 2015.
  • Zayn leaving the band-One Direction hiatus

    Zayn leaving the band-One Direction hiatus
    25/3/2015, Zayn decided to leave One Direction and try to go solo. The boys were sad, but they continued their world tour. Their last album Made in the A.M. were released and they went on hiatus after that. The band is still on hiatus since 2015 but they promised to come back.
  • Harry's first solo album

    Harry released his first album named Harry Styles on 12 May 2017, through Columbia Records. The album was #1 in 84 countries for a long time and his single Sign Of TheTimes became one of the most popular songs. He won an International Artist award on his own. One Direction also won an award when the band were on hiatus. They had won the most awards a band ever won. Harry performed Kiwi and Only Angel in Victorias Secret. He were touring until 2018.
  • Harry's second Album

    Harry wrote his second album in 2019, after his break up with Camille Rowe. His album Fine Line was released on 13/12/2019 ans has already won a gold platinum. His song Adore You is still on charts. Fine Line is nominated for Grammy. Harry feels like there are no lines anymore between males and females. Everyone can wear whatever makes him/her happy, he said. He was going to go on tour in 2020, but coronavirus changed his plans, so Love On Tour, as Harry calls it, is rescheduled to 2021.