Harry Styles.

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  • Born.

    He was born in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, United Kingdom, under the name Harry Edward Styles. He is the son of Des Styles and Anne Cox, and younger brother of Gemma Styles.
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    Hello Harry called me and worked in a bakery, the phrase we can never forget

    Harry Styles earned 3 Grammy Award nominations, which was a great achievement for both him and his admirers, who caused a great deal of trouble for happiness, imagining that he has come this far, started working at age 14 in a bakery and achieving 3 nominations for those important awards, was something very impressive and of great admiration
  • One Direction

    One Direction
    He began his singing career in 2010 as a member of the boy band One Direction, with which he participated in the program The X Factor and came in third place.
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    Larry, and his sad story

    During his tenure at One Direction, he was often paired with his partner Louis Tomlinson, resulting in a bromance dubbed "Larry Stylinson". Which was very real, but never became real because they didn't let them be together, Louis will currently have a son with his current girlfriend.
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    First album

    The group signed a record deal with Syco, with which they released the albums Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013), Four (2014) and Made in the A.M. (2015), which reached the top of the best-selling charts in numerous countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as recording high sales.
  • Separation of One Direction

    Separation of One Direction
    One Direction announces an indefinite break, because after five incredible years, Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction"
  • He began his solo career

    He began his solo career
    Harry Styles began his solo career with the release of his self-titled album in 2017, which received good reviews from critics and debuted at the top of the charts in the world's top markets. The album released as a single "Sign of the Times", which peaked at Number 1 in the United Kingdom and number 4 in the United States. Thanks to this song he also won an award at the Brit Awards.
  • Harry on TELEVISION, an extreme emotion.

    Harry on TELEVISION, an extreme emotion.
    He appeared on Saturday Night Live where he performed "Watermelon Sugar" and "Lights Up", it was very exciting.
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    The big surprise to wake up

    Recently the last surprise he gave us was the official video of Treat People With Kindness, album released in 2019, was without any warning and took us by surprise, as we were all unveiled for "new year", however it was very cool and was very successful
  • He began his solo career

    He began his solo career
    In 2019, he released his second solo album, Fine Line, which also received good reviews and reached number one in several countries with sales records. The album was released as singles on the tracks "Lights Up" and "Adore You", which entered the top 10 in the UK. It was also released as a single "Watermelon Sugar", which became their first song to reach no. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. A "time", which we call his fans, very cool, was the best of his album, and his songs were beautiful.
  • Golden

    Harry released his spectacular album "Golden" in December, with excellent songs and which caused a lot of excitement for his fans, without clutching the official video of the song "Golden" was released until a year later, which he had with great fuss to his fans, since the singer did not give the exact release date