harpal dhaliwal digital learning final project

  • Built first website

    Used first class to build a website for upcoming school year
  • Using website with Science 10 class

    Updated website daily with homework and web links to extra practice activities.
  • Built a Wordpress Blog

    Built a wordpress blog for students to communicate online with each other.
  • Submitted first draft of final project

    Researched active learning and online activities
  • Learned how to use Wikispaces

    Created an instructional video for students wikispace use with Lorna Goulet.
  • 10 Lap tops arrived in the science department

    Woohoo, don't have to book computer lab as much now.
  • Added wordrpress blog and wikispace to my website

    Added a space on my firstclass website for my Science 9 class to communicate with each other. Used the blog mainly for learning about science news and current events. Used wikispaces for brainstorming activities.
  • Added chatroll to wordpress blog

    Provided a space for quick communication between students. Used it so students could pick topics that were not chosen by other students.
  • First virtual lab in Science 9, Mitosis

    Tried a virtual mitosis lab followed by a hands-on mitosis lab.
  • 10 more lap tops arrive for science

    Wooohoooo squared! 20 lap tops shared in the science department.
  • First Virtual Lab in Chemistry 12, Equilibrium Concept

    Did an online lab to help students conceptualize reactant and product molecules forming in forward and reverse equilbium reactions.
  • Continue using website, online activities, virtual labs, and online communication

    Using all project activities with all my classes (Science 9, Science 10, and Chemistry 12)
  • led website building professional development session

    Taught 22 teachers at our school on website design and building. 6 teachers had a website posted on our school website within 3 days as a result of the session. Many ohters are still working on constructing.
  • Final Presentation to DLC cohort

    Digital presentation of my website, online activities and communication, and virtual labs
  • Submitting Final Paper for DLC Masters Project