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Harding Presidency

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    Warren G. Harding's Presidency

  • Washington Naval Conference

    Washington Naval Conference
    Major naval powers of the world, including Britain and the United States, and lesser naval powers attended the Washington Naval Conference to address concerns about territory in the Pacific and naval disarmament for larger naval powers. Charles Evans Hughes, the Secretary of State, led the American delegation. Hughes detailed his plan for naval disarmament in major naval powers, and limited new warship construction. This conference limited the tonnage of ships a country could build (B5).
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    After World War I, relations between America and France was not as strong. This was partially due to the United States collecting the war debts by European countries. Aristide Briand shared the idea that a treaty be made to avert war. Frank B. Kellogg recognized the idea, and they both created a treaty encompassing many nations with the idea to not have war be a national policy. Unfortunately, the pact did not have any means of enforcing it, and no expiration date was provided (B4).