Hannah H Mexican American War Timeline

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    Mexican American War

  • Texas Admitted to the Union

    President John Tyler of the US agreed with congress to annex Texas.
  • US tried to Buy Land (Slidell and Polk)

    US tried to Buy Land (Slidell and Polk)
    President Polk sent Slidell to Mexico to buy California and New Mexico, but the Mexican Public found out so Slidell left without gaining California or New Mexico.
  • US Troops Stationed at Disputed Border

    US Troops Stationed at Disputed Border
    President Polk sent General Taylor and his troops to claim a base near the Rio Grande River in newly annexed Texas.
  • US Declares War

    US Declares War
    President Polk and Congress Declare war with Mexico, in addition Congress grants Polk $10 million and 50,000 volunteers to join the US force.
  • Battle of Palo Alto

    Battle of Palo Alto
    General Taylor of the US won the battle; which was the first large battle between Mexico and the US.
  • Mexico City Surrender

    Mexico City Surrender
    After 14 hours of the US attacking and the trouble of getting reinforcements, Mexico City surrendered.
  • Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo

    The US Senate ratified the treaty and then after about 2 months the Mexican Congress ratifies the treaty too.