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  • Dutch's attack

    Dutch attacked Macau twice in 1622, however, both attacks were unsuccessful. They proceeded to set up a base there in Makung. However the Ming authorities warned the Dutch that the Pescadores were Chinese territory, and suggested that they instead should move to Taiwan, and established themselves there. In 1623, the Dutch traders in search of an Asian base first arrived on the island, interding to use the island as a station for Dutch commerce with Japan and the coastal are as of China.
  • Dutch Formosa

    Refers to the period of Colonial Dutch government on Formosa (now in Taiwan ) , lasting from 1624 - 1662
  • Dutch occupation

    Though the Dutch occupation of Taiwan was brief and ended long time ago.The period is crucial to the island's history.
  • Spanish Formosa

    Spanish Formosa
    A Spanish fleet, departured in the Eastern of Taiwan. The Spanish colony, established In the North of Taiwan, in Tamsui. It's calles Formosa, because of the beutiful landscape spotted from the sea. The Spanish also controlled Philipines.
  • Spanish Formosa

    Spanish Formosa
    The Spanish, as they stablished in the North of Taiwan, in Tamsui, they built the Fort of San Domingo.
  • Dutch

    Earthquakes, typhoons, and the pilfering of bricks have reduced the original structure, completed in 1634, to a ruin. But this place is no less interesting for it.
  • When the Spanish colony left and what they left

    When the Spanish colony left and what they left
    As the Spanish colony controlled Philipines, they got supplies from Manila (capital of Philipines) was often obstructed by typhoons. They left on 1638 after destroying Fort of San Domingo The only thing that they left was a small defensive system, and an advanced base for trade. Before they left they brought new immigrants from China to work with aboriganes and pioneering projects. In effort of propagating Catholisim to residents the Spanishedued a "Tamsui Dictionary"
  • Final Battle Between Spanish colony and Dutch colony

    Final Battle Between Spanish colony and Dutch colony
    The Dutch went back to the North part of Taiwan (Jilong), with 369 Dutch soldiers. The Spanish lost the battle, Sabestian Hurtado de Corcuera, governor of Philipines, was priginally blame for the loss of Formosa and was eventually tried in court for his actions, and was imprisioned for five years.
  • Dutch

    By the 1650s, Koxinga was known to the Dutch ; he traded with them to fung his stuggle.
  • Fort Provinta

    Tsai explains that when Fort Provinta was built in 1653, the seashore was less than 30 meters away. He poir west, and the download slope of the street is obvious.
  • Hakka-Fujianese rebellion

     Hakka-Fujianese rebellion
    1721, a Hakka-Fujianese rebellion led by Zhu Yigui captured Tainan and briefly established a government reminiscent of the Ming.
  • The Lin Shuangwen rebellion

    The Lin Shuangwen rebellion
    The Lin Shuangwen rebellion occurred during 1786 and 1788. This incident was the largest revolt in Taiwan under Qing rule.Shuangwen, the leader of the rebellion,it was a typical revolt of the people against government rule. Lin was a member of the Taindihui ( Heaven and Earth Society) in Taiwan.
  • Attack of French

    France attacked Taiwan in 1884, angry Ching-dynasty rulers over a Vietnamese territorial dispute.
  • the sino french war

    the sino french war
    During 1884-1885, the Sino-French War affected Taiwan. The Qing government then realized the importance of Taiwan because of the trade and geographical location and began to try to develop Taiwan. In 1885, Taiwan became Taiwan Province, and Liu Mingchuan was appointed as the governor.
  • Leader of French expedition

    Leader of French expedition
    THe leader of French expedition, Admiral Amedee Courbet died of a tropical disease.
  • Japanese troops enter

  • Japan military (12000) enter Taiwan

    Japan military (12000) enter Taiwan
  • Keelun got captured

  • Japan announced all territory rights to Taiwan

  • Period: to

    The Ch'ing Dynasty rule of Taiwan

    The Ch'ing dynasty from mainland China ruled Taiwan from 1683 to 1895. The Ch'ing govermen wanted to use Taiwan for the natural souces and more space for Han Chinese people to live in; the goverment banned indigenous people of Taiwan from the coasts and into the mountains. The Ch'ing goverment also bannned the local Han taiwanese people from speaking Taiwanese. Not everyone was happy about this rule and more than a hundred rebellions were held against the rule of the Ch'ing dynasty goverment.
  • Period: to

    Japanese attack

    Taiwan was Japan's 1st oversea colony.They wanted to turn taiwan into a showpeice so the put lot of effort to improve Taiwan. They improved economy, industries, plubic works and even the culture. In 1952 they reannounced that all territory rights are Taiwan.