• Greenday Formed

    Greenday formed, consist of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.
  • First Nationwide tour

    In early 1990, the band went on their first nationwide tour,
  • First Album

    Released first album - 39/smooth
  • Released Kerplunk

    Release “Kerplunk” underground success. Selling 50,000 albums, touring for most of the year
  • Dookie was released

    Dookie was released
  • Dookie won Grammy

    Dookie” won Grammy award for best alternative album
  • Nominated for Grammy

    Greenday were nominated for 'Best Music Video, Short Form'. For the music video of 'Walking Contradiction'
  • Made the top 40

    Greenday made the top 40 with their huge success "Time of your life"
  • Greenday Hit the top 10!

    The song 'Time of your life', made it to the top 10
  • Nominated for a grammy!

    Greenday were nominated for best rock instrumental performance.
  • Greenday released new album

    Greenday released new album 'International Superhits'. Selling over 3 million as of September 2010.
  • Greenday started touring

    Began touring as part of 'Pop Disaster' with Blink 182
  • Greenday topped the charts

    'I fought a law' went to number 1 on the billboard charts.
  • Greenday Released American Idiot

    Greenday Release "American Idiot". In just 4 days The single was at the top of the charts and stayed there for 6 weeks!
  • Greenday Performed at Live 8

  • Top of the charts for 15 weeks

    "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams." Hit number 1 for 15 weeks!
  • Sold 4 million copies of American Idiot in just one year

  • Greenday Won Grammy

    Greenday Won the Grammy of Record of the year for 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams'
  • Top of the charts, yet again

    Greenday were at the top of the charts once again for 6 weeks for the songow your Enemy'.
  • 21st Century Break Down, big success.

    Top of American Charts for 1 week. Top rock albums chart for 3 weeks. Top alternative albums for 3 weeks.
  • Greenday released "Awseom as f***"

    Greenday released "Awseom as f***". Includes performances from tour.
  • Topped the billboard charts with "Oh love"

  • Greenday Released "Uno"