Great Britain

  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to Jan 1, 1400

    From 1300-1400

  • Jan 1, 1329

    David II, King of Scotland succeeds to the Scottish throne after his father, Robert the Bruce, dies. David II rules until 1371.

    No exact date
  • Jan 1, 1331

    England at war with Scotland and Scotland's French allies.

    No exact date.
  • Jan 1, 1347

    Black Death reaches northern England. Over 20% of the population have died.

    Not actually sure about the date
  • Jan 1, 1367

    For the first time, the king addresses parliament in English rather than French.

    Don't know exact date
  • Jan 1, 1369

    Timur the Lame becomes king of Samarkand.

    DOn't know exact date
  • Jan 1, 1371

    Robert II, King of Scotland, takes Scottish throne. He rules until 1390 as the first Stuart monarch in Scotland.

    Don't know exact date
  • Jan 1, 1375

    Truce of Bruges temporarily ends hostilities between England and France.

    Dont know exact date
  • Feb 25, 1382

    The Scots, along with a French army, attack England.

    Don't know exact date
  • Feb 25, 1389

    Truce halts fighting between England, Scotland, and France.

    no exact date
  • Feb 25, 1390

    Robert III becomes King of Scotland. He rules until 1406.

    no exact date