grait plains

  • Period: to

    time span

  • Federal Government

    The federal government had passed an act that designated the entire Great plains as one enormous reservation, or land set aside for Native American Tribes.
  • Treaty

    The government changed its policy and created treaties that defined specific boundries for each tribe.
  • most tragic event

    The native americans moved back down to Colorado. Then on November 29th the U.S. army killed over 150 inhabitants, mostly women and children.
  • Crazy Horse

    The warior Crazy Horse ambushed Captain William J. Fetterman and his company at Lodge Trail Ridge.
  • Laramie Treaty

    The Treaty of Fort Laramie ment that the sioux agreed to live on a reservation along the Missouri River, was forced on the leaders of the sioux in 1868.
  • Red river war

    War broke out yet again as the Kiowa and comanche engaged in six years of raiding that finally led to the red river war.
  • Sun dance

    during a sun dance, Sitting Bull had a vision of soldiers and some Native Americans were ready for them.
  • Gold Rush

    A colonel named George A. Custer reported that the black hills had gold. Soon after a gold rush had started.
  • Seventh cavalry

    Custers old regiment rounded up about 350 starving and freezing Sioux and took them to a camp at Wounded Knee Creek in south dakota.