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Graduating Project

By jpmevy
  • Attempt Wordpress

    Attempt Wordpress
    I started to build my website using Wordpress. I liked the relative easy learning curve to customize site content (as I don't know html or css code).
  • Site is up (sort of)

    Site is up (sort of)
    Mr. Meville's Socials Hub is up! Although I am still trying to figure out how to make a functioning forum and find a theme/plugin that allows for embedding of videos and keynotes.
  • Introduced site to students

    Introduced site to students
    I showed the class the website for the first time. I had to use my laptop and a projector as we could not get into a computer lab. Seems like it is booked for the month already. Due to lack of wifi, I had to hotspot my phone to get access.
  • E text linked

    E text linked
    A copy of the course textbook "Counterpoints" is now linked for my SS11 classes. Course materials and extra tutorials are now accesible by parents/students from home. No more heavy backpacks!
  • Created links for parents to Jupiter Grades

    Created links for parents to Jupiter Grades
    I have setup access to student grades on my grading software "Jupiter Grades." The link is on the sidebar for parents to access and simply log in. It provides them with an individual password. Hopefully this will be well accessed before the last week of school!
  • Forums have been added

    Forums have been added
    With the help of the Mr. Wrinch, I have been able to build in a workable forum. It seems that my plugin WP-Forum does not play nice with my theme (Twenty-ten). Trevor helped me use categories to make a simple forum that will serve my needs for now
  • Finally! Student Access

    Finally! Student Access
    I have had to wait two months to get my students into the computer lab to build their accounts for the Forum. Although I have been using the site for course content and linking to videos in class, I have been incredibly frustrated by the length of time it has taken to get students to access their accounts. Today we had students build their avatars. The were very excited to use the site.
  • First Post

    First Post
    Today the students did their first post. I uploaded a youtube link and students worked in groups of three and had to discuss the clip (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9093796823131953494) and convince each other if Napoleon was a dictator or a revolutionary leader. They then had to post their findings. Students liked the interactivty and using youtube for visual content.
  • New Student Post

    New Student Post
    What was more affective at bringing social change: English Civil War or French Revolution? Actually it would be more affective if I enabled comments. Most handed in on paper. Have to remember to tick the box.
  • Student Collaborative Assignment

    Student Collaborative Assignment
    Students had to post a summary of their findings after performing class skits on what it was like in Quebec after the Seven Years War. I should have had video cameras to just post skits
  • Student Loyalist Interviews

    Student Loyalist Interviews
    Students posted questions to the groups affected by the loyalist migrations. Enjoyed the role play activity and like posting work fo rtheir colleagues. They did their section and would extract information from the others to complete their sheets for content. Much more excitement in the class. They seem to genuinely like doing these roleplays and teaching each other.
  • Personal reflection

    Personal reflection
    I have had a number of parent phone calls, emails and after school visits from parents regarding student grades. It seems that some of my 9 Honours parents are very much excited about having access to student work but are constantly inquiring why their son or daughter does not achieve a higher standing. It seems 91% should really be 100% in their minds. Discussing assessment is always a grind as some students don't open their mouths in class discussion and should still get an A for effort.
  • Christmas Break Homework

    Christmas Break Homework
    My 9 Honours have requested me to post review materials for the grade 9 curriculum over the break. The website offers an excellent way to continue to cover materials from a distance. They are worried they will not have much time for the grade 10 book once we come back. I have linked some presentations in classwork and allowed them to do their write on the immigrant experience so I can grade it over the break.
  • Site down

    Site down
    Looks like there was a problem with the links to content on the site. I received numerous emails and some posted comments in the forum that certain links were corrupted. I can't believe they are actually accessing this over the holidays! These students really do seem to like the site and are motivated to use it on their own time.
  • Dear John (Schultz) Letters

    Dear John (Schultz) Letters
    I really like being able to read and mark content all in one location. It is also very easy to check for plagiarism as I can cut and paste into google with ease. Much more efficient
  • Final Student Ethnography Assignment Semester 1

    Final Student Ethnography Assignment Semester 1
    Good use of new digital presenting tools by the 9's. Students embraced the format although we sure had a lot of issues with compatibility. Movie maker assignemnts seemed the most problematic. Student feedback favoured digital formats as opposed to posters etc. The grade 10's still preferred conventional posters. Seems some in this class have a lack of technological skills and little access at home. Big difference in accessibility outside of school - and our tech is old!
  • Adapted 10 a struggle

    Adapted 10 a struggle
    Although this is my first time teaching an adapted class, I am surprised by their reservations to collaborate and use the site for more than content. This group really likes the notes and independent work. They are also much less proficient at using the site. "It is confusing to post." Motivating this group is difficult. They will be doing the CSI assignment soon which hopefully will change that.
  • Personal Reflection

    Personal Reflection
    At the end of semester 1, I have been happy with the site's use but need to expand on it. With the responses I had in the final survey it is overwhelmingly useful (mostly grade 9's) but some changes are needed. The 10's found the link confusing and wanted less of the presentations and more posted notes for easier cut & paste. I do want to further the site's use and hope to do so in the next semester.
  • Personal Reflection cont'd

    Personal Reflection cont'd
    I have also decided to discontinue parental access of Jupiter Grades. Although it was kind of an experiment, I feel I spent too much time on the phone and email (which it was supposed to do the opposite) dealing with the numbers parents see in grades. After discussion, and seeing the whole picture there were little issues but I could have spent that time building the site. Needless to say, semester two will have no parent access.
  • Set up semester two's student accounts

    Set up semester two's student accounts
    I was able to get these students into the lab much quicker and have successfully created accounts. I have also created a Dropbox account and intend on using it for larger files, projects and videos so students can access them and hand them in from home. I have also helped build the NWSS library site on wordpress and have linked its databases to my site.
  • Extended Debate

    Extended Debate
    We had a very interesting debate in class today that I extended to a write because students were still not finished voicing their comments. Should there be rules in war? What about Chemical weapons? This was a great interaction and the forum allowed for every voice to be heard. Highly valuable.
  • Ethical considerations highlighted for paper

    Ethical considerations highlighted for paper
    Have decided to highlight plagiarism, cyber-etiquette and bullying to ethical concerns for inquiry paper.
  • Was war good for Canada? Student Essays posted

    Was war good for Canada? Student Essays posted
    Have expanded more writing to the forum. Much easier to grade and take with me. Students also have liked reading each others responses. Class commented that it helped give clarification of the question when I was not available. Much easier to update content. I can now quickly change my delivery on what worked from last semester to now.
  • Students given accounts to Easybib

    Students given accounts to Easybib
    School has bought license for paid accounts for Easybib. I prefer this greatly to that of Refworks!
  • Another example of increased debate

    Another example of increased debate
    Should Canada intervene in human rights violations in other countries? We discussed examples and had another heated debate around intervention. One student, whose father was in Afghanistan, made some very heartfelt comments that made the debate much more real. We decided to extend the day's discussion to an online write.
  • Cold War Project Presentations

    Cold War Project Presentations
    Student projects were showcased in class utilizing new types of digital presentation tools. We used Prezi, Animoto, Glogster and others. Students had little exposure to these before and I was particularly impressed with the Tiki-Toki on the Korean War. Much better than the posters. Here is the link: http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/38266/The-Korean-War/
  • Baby Boy!

    Baby Boy!
    Have to take a break to change diapers and embrace insomnia.
  • Student Parent Survey goes home

    Student Parent Survey goes home
    Sent student/parent survey on website home.
  • Uploaded Draft #1 of Final paper

    Uploaded Draft #1 of Final paper
    Sorry for the delay!
  • Results from Survey

    Results from Survey
    Survey results are in. Seems most liked the implementation of the site. I had some good feedback. Improvements of functionality, changing the url to be easier to access, posting even more content and a desire to have the parent grades back up (we will see). Is there a way to link suitable games, youtube channels, and facebook/twitter into learning. Shows me site is valid but definitely needs improvement. Shall be a work in progress.
  • Posted Draft #2 Final Paper

    Posted Draft #2 Final Paper
    Just need the timeline, I hope!
  • Created timeline

    Created timeline
    Used Timetoast for timeline. Very easy to use. Will recommend it for future timeline projects - Tiki-toki is a little more difficult to navigate.
  • Final Draft including timeline added

    Final Draft including timeline added
    Finally finished the paper and it is ready for print.
  • Digital Learning Gallery

    Digital Learning Gallery
    Students are showcasing their final projects in a digital gallery in the library. They must showcase their assignments in the lab to administration and classes who will look at their findings and give feedback. They are the teacher and I am the student.