Government Timeline

By levente
  • First Amendment

    First Amendment
    Guarantees the right to petition the government. Protects the rights of interst groups to lobby government.
  • First Regulation on Lobbying

    First Regulation on Lobbying
    Lobbyists had to register with the House Clerk, but only for that session of the House
  • Foreign Agents Registration Act

    It required all "agents representing the interests of foreign powers" to register with the U.S. Government and explain their relationship with foreign governments.
  • Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act

    Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act
    It requires lobbyists to register with the Clerk of House of Representatives, and give to those officers the name of his employer, and the details of his employment.
  • United States v. Harriss

    Supreme Court case that upheld the Regulation of Lobbying Act, but ruled that it only applied to paid lobbyists who directly communicated with members of Congress.
  • Federal Election Campaign Act

    Federal Election Campaign Act
    Increased disclosure of contributions for federal campaigns. It placed limits on the contributions as well. It created the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act

    Lobbying Disclosure Act
    Basically an extension of the 1946 law. Includes a fine up to $50,000.
  • Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act

    Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
    Amended the Federal Election Campaign Act. It included regulations on soft money the proliferation of issue advocacy ads.
  • Jack Abramoff Indian Lobbying Scandal

    Jack Abramoff Indian Lobbying Scandal
    Abramoff guilty in tax evasion, fraud and conspiracy.
  • Honest Leadership and Open Government Act

    Honest Leadership and Open Government Act
    It strengthens public disclosure requirements regarding lobbyists and interests groups. It also amends the 1995 law.