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Gilded Age Timeline

  • Battle of Tippecanoe

    Battle of Tippecanoe
    This battle was between the United States forces led by Governor William Henry Harrison of the Indiana Territory and Native American warriors.Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa were leaders of a confederacy of Native Americans from various tribes that opposed U.S. expansion into Native territory.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    The Trail of Tears is a name given to the forced relocation and movement of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Homestead Act passed.

    Homestead Act passed.
    This act gave an applicant freehold title to an area called a "homestead" – typically 160 acres that is not developed federal land west of the Mississippi River.
  • Sand Creek Massacre

    Sand Creek Massacre
    Indians were butchered in cold blood by troops in the sevice of U.S.
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie (Sioux Treaty of 1868)

    Treaty of Fort Laramie (Sioux Treaty of 1868)
    This treaty acknowledges the defeat in the Great Sioux War in 1868 and guaranteed the Sioux land and hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming, & Montana.
  • Red River War

    Red River War
    A military campaign launched by the United States Army in 1874 to remove the Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne, and Arapaho Native American tribes from the Southern Plains and forcibly relocate them to reservations in Indian Territory
  • Battle of the Little Bighorn

    Battle of the Little Bighorn
    Indians devestate US troops in the Battle of Little Bighorn
  • A Century of Dishonor

    A Century of Dishonor
    A Century of Dishonor is a non-fiction book by Helen Hunt Jackson that chronicles the experiences of Native Americans in the United States, focusing on examples of injustices.
  • Dawes Act passed

    Dawes Act passed
    A law that terminated tribal ownership of land and alolotting some parcels of land to individual Indians with the remainder opened for white setttlement.
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded Knee Massacre
    The U.S. Army brutal massacre of at least two hundred Sioux men, women, and children.