Ghassan Mazrawi

  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase gave the U.S 530,000,000 acres of land, they purchased the land from France for $15 million. The reason why it was important to westward expansion is because, it basically doubled the size of the U.S, it also improved the strength of the U.S materially and strategically.
  • The California Gold Rush

    The California Gold Rush
    The most famous gold rush that happened during the westward expansion happened in California, there was around 300,000 people that came to try to get rich, sadly most of the people that went to get rich became broke, very few actually got rich.
  • The Homestead Act

    The Homestead Act
    On May 20th, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln singed the Homestead Act. On January 1st 1863, a man by the name Daniel Freeman was the first person to claim under the Act. The Act gave the people up to 160 acres of public land bestow they live on it, improve it, and pay a small registration fee.
  • The Transcontinental Railroad

    The Transcontinental Railroad
    The Transcontinental Railroad was the first continuous railroad line across the U.S, It connected the eastern U.S railroad networks with the west coast. It made traveling easier and communication easier.
  • The Barbed Wire

    The Barbed Wire
    The Barbed Wire was invented by a man named Joseph Glidden. This invention is a steel wire fencing that has sharp points, it is a major asset for farmers because it kept animals in the farmer's desired area.
  • The Battle of Little Bighorn

    The Battle of Little Bighorn
    In the Battle of Little Bighorn the Native American won, they were being led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, the people that they were fighting were the U.S troops of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer (including Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer). There were three columns of U.S soldiers against 1,200 Native Americans.
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act
    The Dawes Act was named after it's author who is also the senator of Massachusetts Henry Dawes, organized terrain authority on tribal territories that reside in America. The main objective of the Dawes Act was to assimilate Native Americans into common U.S community by destroying their cultural and social traditions. Because of this over ninety million acres of tribal land were stolen from the Native Americans and bought by non-natives.
  • The Wounded Knee Massacre

    The Wounded Knee Massacre
    During the Wounded Knee Massacre nearly three hundred Lakota men, women, and children died due to a faulty shot which led to the brutal massacre. The Wounded Knee Massacre was the last major crisis in the America's destructive war against the Native Americans.