Ghandi timeline 4263

  • Indian rebellion of 1857

    The indian rebellion began as a mutiny of the sepoys. Sepoys killed almost 50 british soldiers, women and children too.
  • Birtish government took direct command of India

    Birtish government took direct command of India
    The british created a document which stated india was under british government. The british government ruled over the trade and made special rules for some negociation and their work.
  • 1885 Indian national congress

    in 1885 The indian national congress was created
  • Ghandi travels to south africa

    Ghandi moved to south africa, He was a lawyer
  • Muslim league

    Muslim league
    The muslim league was created for the advantage of muslims as well as hindu people
  • The war comes to a stop

    Hindu people return as the war ends and they retreat
  • Rowlatt act

    Rowlatt act was passed. The act consisted in having the power to arrest without reason and to enter an individuals house without permission
  • Civil disobedience is set

    Ghandi encouraged people to disobay unfair laws such as not legal to create salt for own proficiency
  • Ghandi becomes the president

    Ghandi becomes the president
    Ghandi becomes president of the Indian National Congress
  • They disobey the law

    Ghandi demonstrates they are stronger than the government by walking to the ocean and creating salt illegaly
  • Walk for the salt

    Ghandi walked for at least 240 miles with his followers to the ocean and create salt proving they are stronger.
  • Dharasana salt factory

    Hundreds of people walked to a salt factory and were beat up with heavy clubs resulting in fatal injuries and even death
  • Ghandi goes to england

    Ghandi is cordially invited to england to a conference in which they spoke of indias independency
  • India's independacy

    India's independacy
    India's independacy was granted