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Ghandi Timeline

  • Sepoy Mutiny

    First war of indian independence.
  • Period: to

    Ghandi Timeline

  • Indian Act

    Britich took control of the Indian Government.
  • Ghandis father death

    Death of Karamchand Gandhi, Father of ghandi
  • Birth of Satyagraha

    The beginning of the civil disobidience
  • End of WW1

    WW1 ended, Germany was deafeated.
  • Amristar Massacre

    Thousand of people were killed by british soldiers, including kids and women
  • Non-Cooperation Movment

    People from around India would resist british forces by civil disobidiences
  • Declaration of independence of india

    Gandhi publishes the Declaration of Independence of India.
  • Government of India act

    The india government act finally passes and said to be the longest act of parlament ever.
  • Hunger Strike

    Ghandi makes a Hunger strike
  • Indian Independence

    Indian independence becomes official, as does the partition into two countries, India and Pakistan.
  • Ghandi's Death

    Ghandi gets killed