• Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi was born.

  • Ghandi and Kasturbai got married.

    Unknown day..
  • Ghandi leaves for England to study law.

  • Ghandi fails as a lawyer in India. 1891-1893

    Unknown start and finish date.
  • Ghandi passes the bar exam in England.

  • Ghandi returns to South Africa with his family.

    Unknown day
  • Ghandi organizes an amulance corps for the British

    Unknown day
  • Ghandi was arrested and sentenced 2 months in prison.

  • Ghandi is arrested again andn spent 1 month in jail.

  • Ghandi travels to London.

    He traveled to push the rights of Southern African Indians. The Transervaal registration law is repealed. Unknown month and day.
  • Ghandi and Smuts reach an agreement which end the protests.

  • Ghandi publishes the Declaration of Independence in India.

  • The death of Kasturbai.

  • Indian independence becomes official.

  • Ghandi is assassinated by Nathuram Vinayuk Godse.