Ian Mackaye Product life cycle

  • Introduction

    Ian Mackaye and his parnter Jeff Nelson orignially started out his record label "Dischord Records" as a teenager, to release a single to doccument his band "Teen Idles". But the record label went on to release far more albums than he intended
  • Growth

    Ian and Jeff went on to form another band called "Minor Threat" which was one of the bands that gave and uprising to "hardcore scene" in D.C. and they still get alot of credit to this day.
  • Maturity

    Ian went to form "Fugazi" another band that had was composed of more people. Over 20+ years his band has went on to release seven albums and has toured the world. They've covered all 50 states. Fugazi also was many of the few to have an all-age concerts at the time.
  • Decline

    in 2001 Fugazi decided to take a hiatus from recording and touring, as they started to have young families and other priorities began to be the center of their lives.
  • Decision Point

    Decision Point
    Since 2003 Ian has played in "The Evens" a duo, with his wife Amy Farina. The Evens normally perform in non-tradiontal music spaces, such as libraries , art spaces, schools and theatres. Ian has also been taking on speak engagements, delivering speeches and talks about Music.