German unification Cole Lovette

  • Bismarck appointed prime minsiter

    In 1862 Wilhelm I appointed Otto van Bismarck Prime Minister. He was a able man, determined and pragmatic. His focus was on a unified Germany with a strong monarch.
  • The enemy of your enemy is my friend

    Bismarck took the first step to unify Germany. He made an alliance with Austria to go to war with Denmark to win Schleswig and Holstein.
  • Two Friends fighting

    Bismarck stirred up a conflict between Prussia and Austria over Schleswig and Holstein known as the seven weeks war.
  • Prussia annexed 3 more states.

    In 1867 Prussia annexed 3 more states and the free city of Franfurt. This brought together all the German speaking states north of the main river.
  • Final step in unification

    Bismarck decided to go to war with France hoping that the other German states would come to Prussias aid.
  • Under new management

    On January 18, 1871 Wilhelm was officially crowned emperor of Prussia.