Genghis Khan

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  • 1162

    "Temujin" is born

    He was born near the border between modern-day Mongolia and Siberia. He was born into a powerful Mongolian family.
  • 1171

    Temujin's father dies & his family gets abandoned

    His father died when he was just 9 years old. He was killed by the Tatar tribe, who was their family tribe's enemy. Unfortunately, his tribe abandoned him; his mother, Hoelun; and his other siblings because they believed they were too weak. Hoelun, however, put tremendous effort in raising & nurturing her children while living in poverty, keeping them alive.
  • 1176

    Temujin gets abducted but escapes

    In 1176, at age 14, he was abducted by the enemy Taychiut tribe, in order to prevent him from taking his father's place and being just as powerful as him. However, he was successfully able to escape at one point using trickery.
  • 1178

    Temujin marries his wife, Borte

    Temujin marries his childhood friend, Borte, at age 16.
  • 1206

    Temujin declared as "Genghis Khan," Unification of Mongols, Mongol empire is born

    A Kuriltai was held in the Mongolian steppes, and granted Temujin the title as "Genghis Khan."
  • 1209

    Genghis Khan & the Mongols starts 1st war in China

    Genghis Khan & his powerful Mongol army first launch their attack outside of the Mongol region.They Around 1206, Genghis attacked the Tangut kingdom of Xi Xia in China. The Xi Xia's leader surrendered in 1209.
  • 1211

    Genghis attacks Jin Dynasty

    Genghis and his Mongol army attacked the Jin Dynasty after the emperor backed down from their support. The Jin acknowledged how overwhelmingly powerful the Mongols were getting after they defeated the Tatars, so they turned against them. Initially, the Jin were allies with the Mongol to battle against the Tatars tribe.
  • 1215

    Jin capital, Zhongdu, was finally overthrown

    The Mongols destroyed and burned about 90 cities to ruins in the Jin Dynasty, and made their way to the capital, Zhongdu (modern-day Beijing).
  • 1219

    Sultan Shah Muhammad II sends Genghis a head

    Genghis sent merchants to Shah Muhammad, ruler of the Khwarezmid Empire seeking a peaceful trading alliance. One of his messengers was beheaded and his head was sent back to Genghis Khan. Genghis becomes furious and seeks vengeance.
  • 1227

    Genghis' son, Ogedei, becomes his successor

    Another meeting of all Mongol leaders (Kuriltai) was held in Mongolia. It was decided that Genghis Khan’s third son, Ogedei, would be the next leader.
  • Aug 18, 1227

    Genghis Khan dies

    At this point, his health was already deteriorating due to old age. However, he may have possibly died from injuries from falling off of a horse.
  • Period:

    Temujin gains support & power from allies

    Since his wife got abducted by the Merkit tribe, he became allies with Toghril, ruler of Kereit tribe, and Jamuka, his childhood friend. They aided him in rescuing his wife and to defeat the Merkit. His heroism and victory attracted many more followers and join his army overtime ever since this event.
  • Period:

    Genghis began war against Khwarezmid empire & Shah Muhammad

    Genghis began a war against the ruler, and attacking the empire from different directions. The Mongols were able to conquer major cities of Bukhara and Samarkand (in modern-day Uzbekistan). The empire had been completely destroyed and its ruler, Shah Muhammad has died in 1220.