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Generation Era x Technology ( GEN X )

  • 1990 - Cd Player

    1990 - Cd Player
    1990’s - I remember using cassette tapes to listen to my favorite albums. My friend introduced me to his Cd player where he explained the laser technology and I love it. I bought my first cd player that year. Cd players save me more space than the thick square cassette tapes. I can manage them better, and they are light. The cd player was invented by Sony and Philips, which displaced the vinyl record and launched the music industry into a new world of high tech music production.
  • 2000 - Playstation 2

    2000 - Playstation 2
    2000 - I remember buying the PlayStation 2 because of the processor being stronger than the PS1. It had neat features and was better designed game console with a bigger variety of games to play. The father of the PlayStation is Ken Kutaragi, launching the spinoff PS2. He generated a whopping 250 million on the first day, beating Dreamcast who only made 97 million their first release day.
  • 2010 - 3D TV’s

    2010 - 3D TV’s
    I remember in this year, the 3D TV’s launched. We used to watch movies on those TV’s and it enhanced our entertainment experience. 3D TV gives depth and perception to the viewer with stereoscopic display for sound, multi-view displays and polarized 3D-systems. Neat thing about it was no glasses were needed. It was developed by Philips.
  • 2015 - iPhone

    2015 - iPhone
    2015 was the year that I switched phones from Android to iOS. It was the best thing I ever did because I hated the emojis and the androids were ugly to me. I love the way apple designs their iPhones.They are pretty fancy, invented by Steve Jobs.
  • 2023 - Oculus (VR)

    2023 - Oculus (VR)
    I still use computers, but now I can experience a virtual world on my oculus where I can workout in a virtual gym or sell real estate, have meetings, get educated, travel the world and close deals while in my living room. That makes my life easier! The oculus was invented by Palmer Lackey who is also the founder of the Oculus Rift.