Gareth's colonial timeline

Timeline created by Mr.Munky
In History
  • Sep 8, 1565

    St. Augustine

    St. Augustine
    the first permanent Spanish colony established in florida
  • lost colony

    lost colony
    Roanoke disappears and is called the lost colony. CROATIAN is carved into a tree
  • Jamestown

    Jamestown is established.
  • marriage

    john rolfe and Pocahontas mary.
  • House of Burgess

    House of Burgess
    House of Burgess formed
  • Plymouth

    the pilgrims founded the Plymouth settlement
  • first thanksgiving

    first thanksgiving
    the first thanksgiveing attended by 80 natives and 65 pilgrims.
  • Pen state

    Pen state
    William Penn establishes Pennsylvania.
  • NJ

    new jersey colony is founded.
  • NC

    North Carolina is founded.