gandhi timeline

  • Gandhi Born

    Gandhi Born
  • Gandhi marriage

    Gandhi marriage
    Gandhi got married with Katurbai. Him 13 years old , her 14.
  • Gandhi education

    Gandhi went to London to study to be a lawyer. His first son was born near this time.
  • Gandhi's first child

    Gandhi's first child
    Harilal Gandhi's first child was born. Gandhi had a total of five children.
  • Registration protest (Macro Conflict, positive)

    Gandhi made a protest group against the registration of Indians to Transveel. The generaql said they could negotiate. This was his first protest. In this conflict Gandhi was a Owl because he tried to work together to find the solution to help solve there problem.
  • Home rule Movement (Macro conflict , positive)

    Gandhi tried to work together with others in their political organization to help the home rule. The home rule is self-government in local affairs by the citizens of a local. In this Gandhi was a Owl, because he was trying to work together to help the home rule.
  • Gandhi goes home

    Gandhi goes home
    Gandhi goes back to Africa so he could work in Africa an see his family.
  • Independence of India

    Was the day the India celebrated Independence day. This was a great thing for India it is still celebrated today.
  • Salt March (Macro conflict, positive)

    Salt March (Macro conflict, positive)
    Gandhi got alot of people in India togather together salt. This would mess up the British economy cause that is what they had high taxes on. Gandhi did this to lower the taxes. Gandhi was a shark in this, because he was forcing them to accept by making them lose money.
  • Gandhi's Death

    Gandhi's Death
    Gandhi was shot to death by a woman named Godse. Gandhi was on the way to a prayer meeting.