Gandhi The Legend

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  • 2 Oct. 1869 Bith of Gandhi

    Was born in Porbandar, the third son.
  • Gandhi went to England

    He study religous books and got inspriation.
  • Arrived in Natal

    He came in contact for the first time with racial antagonism in acute form
  • 2'nd Ambulace unit

    Formed an Indian ambulance unit, for service in the operations against the received another medal.
  • Arrested for the first time in India

    "On a charge of sedition, and was sentenced to six years of imprisonment"
  • The salt law

    March to the sea to break the alt law
  • Gandhi three-week fast

    Gandhi undertook a three-weeks' fast which he survived.
  • Gandhi's wife died

    His health deteriorated and he was released
  • Calcutta fasting

    He fasted again and peace restored in Calcutta
  • Gandhi's death

    Shot by another Hindi