Gandhi Rodrigo Paramo P7

  • The Sepoys Rebelled

  • East India Company

    East India Company
    By 1858 East India Company was the leading power of India.
  • Mohatma Gandhi is born

    Mohatma Gandhi is born
    Gandhi was born in Porbandar in West Bengal, India.
  • Indian National Congress

  • Gandhi moves to South Africa

    Gandhi moves to South Africa
    Gandhi is thrown off of a train in South Africa for refusing to move from his First Class seat to Third Class.
  • Muslim Legue

  • Indian Troops

  • Amritsar Massacre

  • Rowlatt Acts

    Rowlatt Acts
    This law was strongly opposed by the people of India because it gave the British government even more authority over them.
  • Congress Party and Civil

  • Hated Salt Acts

  • First time Gandhi fasts

    First time Gandhi fasts
    In 1932, Gandhi fasts to protest treatment of Untochables.
  • British Perliment

  • Quit India Campain

  • India is Independent

  • Gandhi Dies