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  • Gandhi’s birth

    Gandhi’s birth
  • Gandhi’s marriage

    Gandhi’s marriage
    He was married at 13. It was arranged by his parents.
  • Gandhi going to college

    Gandhi going to college
    He study at university college in London. At 19 years of age.
  • Gandhi on the move

    Gandhi on the move
    He came back to India, and was unsuccessful at Bombay. He went to South Africa then
  • Business owner

    Business owner
    He owned Natal Indian Congress. He still remained loyal to the British empire though.
  • Gandhi’s first protest

    Gandhi’s first protest
    It was about transversals government. It was his first protest as a older human.
  • Gandhi’s Writing

    Gandhi’s Writing
    Gandhi became devout to his Indian followers. He wrote mostly about rules that would make the world a better place.
  • Coming to an end

    Coming to an end
    In 1939 he retired has head of his business. During world war 2.
  • Gandhi’s last breath

    Gandhi’s last breath
    Gandhi was assassinated after he won independence for India. It was in 1947 when he died
  • His respects paid

    His respects paid
    His ashes were dumped in the Ganges river nearly 50 years after death. For respect