• Indian National Congress

    there is a revolution in East India Company National Congress
  • British Act

    The british empire took over the control of the East Company in India.
  • National Congress

    They got rid of the foreign rulers by creating 2 groups of power called The Congress Party and Hindu Indian National Congress.
  • Indian Injustice begins

    In South Africa they had stated a law that all Indian civils had to be finger printed and that the government could enter their houses without permission whenever they wanted without any permission. Because of that Gandhi talked to his people to not disobey them.
  • Indian Return home

    British had promised Indian that if they help them in war they now will provide the rights they ask for and that they will treat them equally, but Britihs didn't care and still treatem as a low class, so Indian troops return home from war.
  • Rowlact

    British were getting tired of the Indian protest, so the rowlact was that they now had permission to send protesters to jail for 2 years without trial
  • Amristar Massacre

    Both Hindus and Muslims went to pray as a protest act against the british, the government saw this unity as a challenge to them so the open fire killing 400 indians and leaving 1200 wounded.
  • civil disobedience

    Ghandi was known as the leader of the independent movement after the massacre. the congress party endorsed "civil desobedience" which is the public refusal to obey an unjust law, and to use non-violence to gain independence.
  • Boycotts

    Ghandhi made a plan and told all indians to protest by not paying any taxes, not vote, not buy british goods and to not attend the government schools, this made an impact on britsh economy
  • New President of the Indian Congress

    Gandhi become the new president of the Indian National Congress
  • Indian declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independce of India is published
  • effects on salt march

    gandhi is imprisioned for violeting the government laws and act
  • Gandhi travels in India

    trying to disappear from politics, Gandhi travel around India to find the real Indian in places he had never gone to.
  • Indian Independence

    oficial India independence, as well the division between pakistan and India