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  • Religion

    Gandhi gained many followers because his teachings involved ideas from Induism, Islam and Christianity. He became known as "the great soul."
  • Return from WWI

    Return from WWI
    When the Indian soldiers arrived back home from World War I, the British had promised they would get a local self government, but after the war, nothing had changed, the Indians were still second class citizens.
  • WWI

    After World War 1, the people in India fought for their own nation.
  • Rowlatt Acts

    Rowlatt Acts
    The British made a law that anyone who portested against them, would go straight to jail for two years without even having a jury. This act went against Indian individual rights. This wasn't acceptable for them.
  • Boycotts

    Ghandi made a boycott of all British clothes because the Brithish got a lot of money from the clothes they made. So, he told his Indian followers to weave their own clothes. Everyday for two hours, Gandhi made his own cloth with yarn of his spinning wheel.
  • Amristar Massacre

    Amristar Massacre
    Since the Hindus were very mad because of the Rowlatt Acts, they went to acity called Amristar. When they got there, British fired and many Indians were killed and wounded. This massacre alarmed the rest of the people in India and this was when they started to really demand for independence.
  • Mohandas K. Gandhi

    Mohandas K. Gandhi
    The Armistar Massacre was what caught Gandhi's attention. He emerged as the leader of the independence movement.
  • Non Cooperation

    Non Cooperation
    Gandhi and his followers began the Non Cooperation movement to finally defeat the British Army, but they protested in a peaceful way, the didn't use violence.
  • Campaign

    Gandhi started his own campaign of Civil Disobedience, he wanted to make the British less powerful over India, because they controlled the government and the economy
  • Power

    By being arrested because of all their campaigns, Gandhi's ideas became more porpular and gained more power for India.
  • Gandhi tactics

    Gandhi tactics
    Gandhi told all of his people to stop buying Brithish goods, to stop attending to government schools, to stop voting in elections and most importantly to stop paying British taxes.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi organized The Salt March, which was a peacful protest. Gandhi and his followers walked 240 miles to the seacost to collect seawater and then they let it evaporate. This happened because they British made the Indians pay taxes even on salt.
  • Government of India Act

    Government of India Act
    Finally, the British parliament accepted the Government of India Act. This act now provided India to have a local government and limited democratic elections.
  • Arrested

    Gandhi and a lot of his people were arrested because an American journalist was a witness to an attack the British made on the Indians. Some Indians went to where the British make their salt, and they planned to shut down their system, but the British attacked them horribly. The American Journalist saw all, and wrote about this. Because of this, Gandhi gained more followers, but then they got arrested.
  • Hindus vs. Muslims

    Hindus vs. Muslims
    There were extreme differences between the Hindus and the Muslims. Pretty much, the only thing common about them was that they wanted to be independent from the British.
  • Hindus conflict with Muslims

    Hindus conflict with Muslims
    Hindus and Mulsims both had different views of India's future. The Muslims were outnumbered by the Indian Muslims, and the Muslims were afraid that Hindus would control India if it won the independence movement.