• Birth

    Mahatma Gandhi, was born in Porbandar in India
  • Life After Education

    After having been admitted to the British bar, Gandhi returned to India and attempted to establish a law practice in Bombay, without much success.
  • Rude Awakenings

    An Indian firm with interests in South Africa retained him as legal adviser in its office in Durban, where he was treated as a second-class citizen.
  • Gandhi Refuses to Comply.

    After being attacked and humiliated by white South Africans, Gandhi began to teach a policy of passive resistance to, and non-cooperation with, the South African authorities.
  • During the Boer War

    Gandhi organized an ambulance corps for the British army and commanded a Red Cross unit
  • Gandhi throws himself into the struggle for elementary rights for Indians.

    Gandhi remained in South Africa for twenty years, suffering imprisonment many times.