Game by Walter Dean Myers

  • 8 chapters 218 pages Teen/basketball fiction

  • 1-22(637)

    It starts off in the home of Drew, the main character, his sister, dad, and mom watching the news of two high schoolers attempt to rob a covience store. Drew's momo is very worrisome and rightfully so. Drew is a very good basketball player, and during practice one day the team is introduced to some new players, white players. The coach, coach House, has proposed a new plan for his team, which has done great in the first season, and has a great chance to get to the championship.
  • 22-48(663)

    This chapter starts off at one of Drew's regular practices when he realizes that there's a bunch of newspaper people at the practice. There were also reporters who were interviewing House, the head coach, and Tomas, one of the white kids. This kind of knawed at Drew considering he had big aspirations for himself. Then they travel to play their first game of the second-half of the season. They played Wadleigh and lossed, and Drew was benched in the second half. after the game Tomas askedDrewover.
  • 48-146(761)

    House invites Drew out to lunchto talk about the past games in which Drew hsa been benched. He basically tells Drew thatr scouts want talented kids, but also coachable kids, In the next game Drew makes the game winning pass to Tomas. The next games he continiously kept getting benched. The game against powell, Drew starts but is quickly taken out, makes the gamewinning shot by taking the ball away from Tomas, there's a confretation and Ruffy and Drew might have to sit-out the last 2 games.
  • 146-218(833)

    Starts off with the anticipation of the Bryant game. If they won, they'd win the division and move on to the next level. The detailed description of the game. Drew satrted and was put on Boogie from Bryant, a very good player. They exchanged baskets in the Fisrt half but Baldwin was on top 35-27. A woman confronted Drew and asked hisname, it was a scout. More exchanges of baskets, yet Baldwin was still up 54-41. BUt, bryant fought back to make it a 4point game with 1 min. left. Continued on next
  • continuation

    Dew drove in and dished it off to Tomas for the duece and the win. Drew was talked to by another scout. The regionals were like a round robin with five teams. Baldwin's first game was against Our Lady of Mercy. At half they were down 39-34. After Drew "lead" his team to victory 68-64, everyone's hope for state just shot through the roof. The next game was against Roosevelt. baldwin was up 11 at half. A 70-58 win had everyone feeling good.The next game, the final playoff game, was the end
  • continuation

    Lane was up 36-29. At the end of the 3rd quarter they were still up by 9.after another last secondshot, the game had ended, but this time it was Lane on top. So far everyone had gotten offers from colleges, except Drew. Finally, Drew was visited by DePaul University and was offered a full-ride scholarship to play ball. He accepted.