Frederick douglass

Frederick Douglass: The Story of a Real Slave

  • Day of Birth

    Born in February 1818 in Tukahoe. Talbot County, Maryland as a slave, known as Frederick Agustus Washington Bailey
  • Moving

    In 1824, Douglass moved to a plantation on Wye River, where he lived with some of his siblings. (Exact dates are unknown)
  • Learning how to Read and Write

    Douglass asks Hugh Auld's wife. Sofia Auld, to teach him how to read and write. Sofia does until Hugh discovers and puts a stop to it. (Exact dates are unknown)
  • Secertly Working and Learning

    From 1829 to1830, Douglaas now worked as a general assistant in a shipyard. When he had time and no one was around, he would learn to read and write. (Exact dates are unknown)
  • Escaping Slavery

    During the year of 1836, Douglass made an attempt to escape. Unfortunately for him, he gats caught, sent to jail, and is sent back to Hugh Auld to work. After gaining more knowledge after working as a caulker in another shipyard, he tries another attempt to escape slavery once again. This time, he had successfully escaped with no one catching him. (Exact dates are unknown)
  • Meeting More People

    In 1837, Douglass joins a group called the East Baltimore Mental Improvement Society, a group of free black people. Later in the group, Douglass meets a free slave, Anna Murray. (Exact dates are unknown)
  • Escaping Slavery for Good

    Frederick borrows papers from a black sailor man who is free. He then changes his last name to Johnson. Traveling to New York, he knew that he was finally free.
  • Marrying a Free Slave

    Douglass marries Murray, which is performed by a runaway slave, James W.C. Pennington.
  • Douglass's Wife dies at Age 40

    Douglass's wife of forty years old, Anna Murray Douglass, dies from a stroke, leaving Douglass depressed
  • Frederick Douglass's Life Ends

    After a meeting, Douglass explains the meeting to his new wife, Helen Pitts, before suddenly dying from a heart attack. Douglass is now buried in Rochester, New York