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  • 800

    Charlemagne Becomes Holy Roman Emperor

    Charlemagne Becomes Holy Roman Emperor
    Also known as Charles the Great.
  • 1461

    the reign of Louis XI

    the reign of Louis XI
    was the one to bring an end to end one hundred years of war.
  • the French Revolution

    the French Revolution
    starting with riots by a Third Estate and ending with the abolition of the French monarchy, they saw many bloody battles.
  • The Vichy Regime

    The Vichy Regime
    During World War II, the signing of an armistice between France and Germany in 1940 divided France into two zones: The Northern zone which was occupied by German forces and the unoccupied Southern part of the country known as the ‘Free Zone’.
  • Riots of May ’68

     Riots of May ’68
    The 1960’s saw a lot of political turmoil for France. Algerian independence, the declaration of the fifth republic and the Vietnam war meant that there was plenty to discuss, and with the significant growth in the number of young people attending university in France, students had a voice of their own.