FOT 1B Kelechi O.

By ko31697
  • Football is born

    Football is born
    Walter camp creats a new sport derived from the English sport of football
  • The first Shouler pads

    The first Shouler pads
    The first shoulder pads were made by princton player lb smock
  • Leather padding

    During 1990 leather shoulder pads came they were thicker than original shoulder pads. They were designed to be more sturdy and strapped to the outside of uniforms
  • The First Helmet

    The First Helmet
    The First Helmets were made of leather called head harnesse use mainly to protect ears.But ear pices made it difficult to hear.
  • I can hear

    I can hear
    In 1915 new helmets were introduced with ear holes and suspension to keep helmet from resting directly on the player's head
  • Helmets become mandatory

    Wearing helmets become mandatory by all major football leaguse.
  • Modern shoulder pads

    The spalding company began manufacturing modern like shoulder pads they were bigger and covered the upper chest area. Althogh they were more protective they were much heavier.
  • Hard Head

    The first plastic helmet was invented with a fask mask
  • plastic helmets

    plastic helmets
    In the 1950's players began using padded plastic helmets.These helmets ere much more protective than the original leather helmeta used up unitl this point.
  • Facemask

    In 1935 shortly after the plastic helmet the facemask was created. Teh purpose of the facemask was to protect the nose and jaw from injuries.
  • radio helmet

    radio helmet
    In 1956 the clevland browns put a small radio in the helmet of the quaterback so the coach could talk to his players while they were on the field.
  • Plastic pads

    In the 1980's shoulder pads started to be made of more shock absorbant material
  • Lets see that again

    Lets see that again
    Instant replay began to be used in the nfl it allow referees to see play again to confirm calls and ensure peopel have scored.
  • The revolution helmet

    The revolution helmet
    In the first game of the 2002 football seaon colts quaterback payton Manning who ended the 2001 season with a broken jaw debut a new riddell helmet. It had a more rounded shell and a frot extended to cover the jaw.
  • X1

    In 2004 DR. and former Harvard grduate Vincet Ferrara develpoed the Xenith helmet. it was a combination of the padded and suspension helmet.The helmet is fitted by adjusting the chin strap which is attached to sizing cables that adjust around the head of the person wearing the helmet. The padding is shock absorbing and collapses upon impact. The collapsing causes air to be released from the pad and reduces the energy of the impact.
  • ION helmet

    In 2007, Schutt introduced the ION helmet. The ION has inflatable padding to ensure a better and more proper fit and the biggest feature of the ION is the face mask. The face mask is screwed to the top of the helmet and then there is a clip on the sides of the helmet to secure the face mask to the helmet and to provide shock absorption.