football development

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  • industrial revolution

    industrial revolution
    during the industrial revolution people worked horrible long hours making them have no spare teem which then lead to the slowing down of participation in physical sport at this age.
  • sport for agricultural wokers

    sport for agricultural wokers
    people who worked on land in a farming set had little spare time all year round because the work on land had to be done all day round so if you were an agricultural worker you didn't really play any football
  • growth of football in public schools

    growth of football in public schools
    These schools were exclusive for the upper class in society. These sports were well organised and very popular, they had good facilities. By the 1850s sport began to develop quickly mainly because pupils had large amounts of free time available to them when not in school.
  • first professional team founded

    first professional team founded
    the firs professional team to be founded in 1857 was Sheffield football club and this now gave people in that area to be able to play football and boosted the economy massively and the word of football began to go global then other clubs became professional.
  • half days on Saturdays

    half days on Saturdays
    this became official and followed fully by the end of the 19th century and this was due to get more people participating in the sport, to imrove the codition they lived in this day
  • founding of FIFA, UEFA and FA

    founding of FIFA, UEFA and FA
    FIFA was founded on the 21st of May 1904, this was a huge development as this now is the major governing body in football. The FA was created on the 26 October 1863, in London this was the English football association that now controls English football. UEFA was created on the 15th of June 1954
  • introduction of the crossbar

    introduction of the crossbar
    the crossbar was introduced into the game as the goals used to be just 2 posts with no tape or anything across the top so the cross bar was introduces which joins them to make a full net.
  • offside rule

    offside rule
    the offside rule came in but was different than it was in todays moder day as it is modified now
  • FA Cup introduced

    FA Cup introduced
    the first ever FA Cup was played in the year of 1871 which allowed all the English teams to compete in for the trophy.
  • corner kick rule

    corner kick rule
    this was introduced in 1872 and is vital for the flow of football in the natural game and is still currently the same as it always was.
  • penalty kick rule

    penalty kick rule
    this was introduced in the late 19th century but was a good rule so people couldn't be fouled in the box or else they get a penalty this was showing major developments in the overall game.
  • first stadium in England

    first stadium in England
    Goodison Park was the first purpose built football stadium in England. It cost £8,090, and was officially opened on 24th August 1892.
  • first ever transfer in history

    first ever transfer in history
    the first ever transfer in football was the landmark of 100 pound for the player Willie Groves which was paid by English team Aston villa
  • rule of 11 V 11

    the rule that isn't changed today was that there is only allowed to be 11 on each team so therefore this made the game organised and fair.
  • public transport

    public transport
    this new public transport contributed greatly to people participating more in football as they had a way to get to there local places to play the game.
  • first world cup

    first world cup
    the first ever world cup was held in Uruguay where the hosts ended up winning it themselves
  • aeroplanes

    this type of transport opened ideas to clubs being able to play in cross border games around different clubs in the world
  • first European cup

    first European cup
    this was the first of many and was introduced in 1955.
  • being avle to own cars

    being avle to own cars
    this meant more people who weren't as rich began to have cars for there household meaning they could travel to support teams.
  • introduction of Europa league

    introduction of Europa league
    this was invented for the lower teams that couldn't qualify for the champions league and let them compete for a trophy with same standard teams
  • 1 million pound transfer

    1 million pound transfer
    this was amazing for growth of sport and it was the man Trevor Francis who cost this and was bought by Nottingham forrest
  • back pass rule

    this new rule brought in was to stop players from wasting time and made the game far fairer, so the goalie couldnt pick up a pass played by his teammates
  • premier league

    premier league
    the premier league was made in England for the top division teams to compete against each other
  • first all seater stadium

    first all seater stadium
    tis was made compulsory for all premier league teams to have al seated stadiums for safety
  • 85 million pound signing

    85 million pound signing
    the [layers prices were going up gradually but this got everyone's attention when the welsh man Gareth bale was bought for 85 million off spurs to real Madrid
  • goal line technology

    goal line technology
    this was massive for the modern game as it was no debate what was needed as sometimes goals were being ruled out but shouldn't have been
  • VAR

    this is the most up to date technology but video assistant referee was brought into football because too many goals were controversial disallowed or being given and this was brought in to prevent this
  • worlds most expensive signing

    worlds most expensive signing
    neymar is the most expensive signing ever in the world to go to PSG from barcelona for 198 million