FN the history

  • Period: Jan 1, 1492 to Dec 31, 1492

    First contact

    Christopher Columbis sailed from to the americas while looking for a route to Asia, and found Canada and the USA "the new world." This both negativly and positively effected the first nations because, they were intoduced to new technologys such as guns and metal knifes. They where discraced by being called indians when they were not. They were also introduced to diseases and many many died.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1492 to


    Wiped out groups of first nations people. Devistated many families and groups such as cree and blackfoot. Decreased first nation population heavily.
  • Period: to

    Hudsons bay company

    Hudsons bay company was created to create a tradeing system throughout the "bay area" also known as Ruperts land. Natives gained cloth, metal, and guns in exchange for furs in what was known as the fur trade. It enabled friendly cooperation with First Nation tribes. Trade enabled the exchange of laungauges between first nations and hudsons bay employes
  • Period: to


    both postive and negitve effects. Many settlers moved west and came into conflict with first nations and british who tried to honor thier treaties. started the growth of metis and trade.
  • Period: to

    7 years war (actually 9 years)

    First nations fought on both sides of the war to keep trust in bonds. The Natives who sided with the French were excluded from the peace settlement with the British and were unable to return to their former status after the war. The war drew in other European powers and spread colonies across North America. They fought to keep their ties with European colonies, and a chance to keep europeans out of some of their homeland areas
  • Period: to

    North West Company

    montreal merchants pooled thier money together to create the NWC. The NWC was more fiendly to the firstnations in the fact that they traded directly with them before they could reach the HBC. NWC made tradeing p[artners with first nation trappers to make them more loyal.
  • Destruction of the Beothuk

    On the island of newfoudlad, european fishers set up in the beothuk's summer fishing land. The beothuk attacked and stole equiptment to try to drive the europeans away from thier land but the europeans started to attack and kil them. The beothuk lost thier food source and started to die and get sick from european diseases. the last beothuk member died in 1829. It was the end of a culture and a major blow for all of first nation groups.
  • Period: to

    Numbered treatys 1-7

    These treatys begain "cash for land" approch by government. The first nations peoples surrenderd thier land and agreed to live on reserves. First nations believed that they where shareing thier land not giving it away. This event negatively effected the first nations because they lost thier land because they did not understand what they where doing at the time. The canadian government took advantage of the first nations peoples and first nations lost thier home land.
  • Period: to

    Indian act

    Still in place today it defines a status indian and controls first nations lives. restricted much of first nations culture. first nations children were forced to go to residential schools, the schools were under control of the government through the indian act
  • Period: to

    Last residential school

    Forced first nations into eroupean colenized schools. assimulated first nations children into eroupean culture (loss of culture). unporoper treatment and abuse to kids. Taught agaisnt thier own culture and language.