Fleetwood Mac

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    Fleetwood Mac Time Span

    The length of time they were founded, and were popular
  • Fleetwood Mac Founded

    Fleetwood Mac Founded
    Information From (Weikipedia) Fleetwood Mac was founded on August 13, 1967 by Green, Fleetwood, John McVie and Mayall.
  • Released Album "The White Album"

    Released Album "The White Album"
    Fleetwood Mac is the tenth album by the British-American band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1975. It was the band's second self-titled album; the first was their 1968 album. To avoid confusion, it is often referred to as "The White Album", in reference both to the album's artwork and to The Beatles' own self-titled album. This is the first Fleetwood Mac album to feature Lindsey Buckingham as guitarist and Stevie Nicks as vocalist, after Bob Welch departed the band in late 1974. The album was also t
  • First Album "Rumours" Is released

    First Album "Rumours" Is released
    RumorsThey realeased their first album, Rumours
    Which included the following songs:
    Second Hand News,
    Never Going Back Again,
    Don't Stop,
    Go Your Own Way,
    The Chain,
    You Make Loving Fun,
    I Don't Want to Know,
    Oh Daddy,
    Gold Dust Woman
  • Release Date of #1 Hit; Dreams

    Release Date of #1 Hit; Dreams
    The group released one of their hit songs on March 24th. 1977 Called Dreams.
    Find the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEi7GPkxfsE&feature=kp Chorus.: Thunder only happens when it's raining
    Players only love you when they're playing
    Say... Women... they will come and they will go
    When the rain washes you clean... you'll know.
  • Released Album "The Dance"

    Released Album "The Dance"
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dance_(Fleetwood_Mac_album)The Dance is a live performance by Fleetwood Mac, released on Cassette, CD and VHS in 1997, and later on DVD.
  • Released Album "Tusk"

    Released Album "Tusk"
    Song ListFleetwood Mac Released their Album tusk, which included the following songs. Over & Over
    The Ledge
    Think About Me
    Save me a place,
    You Think You're The One
    That's all for everyone
    Not That Funny
    Sisters Of Moon
    That's Enough For Me
    Brown Eyes
    Never Make Me Cry
    I know I'm not Wrong
    Honey Hi
    Beautiful Child
    Walk a Thin Line
    Never Forget
  • Released Album "Tango in the night"

    Released Album "Tango in the night"
    They released their album, called "Tango in the Night"
    Songs Included Were:
    Seven Wonders
    Tango In The Night
    Little Lies
    Family Man
    Welcome to the room.. Sarah.
    Isn't it Midnight
    When I see you Again
    You and I, Pt. 2
  • Album Released "Say You Will"

    Album Released "Say You Will"
    After the huge comeback success of the live reunion album, ‘The Dance,’ in 1997, Fleetwood Mac were back in a big way. The obvious questions started flying, asking about the chances of a new Mac LP. In spite of a short round of drama, they answered that question with the full-flying ‘Say You Will, ‘ which was released on April 15, 2003. The album marked the return of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to the clan, but also saw the departure of mainstay Christine McVie.
  • Bob Weston Passes Away

    Bob Weston Passes Away
    Wikipedia Weston, who lived alone in a flat in Brent Cross, London, was found dead on 3 January 2012. He is survived by his younger brother Peter. His post-mortem showed he died of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage.