First Test

  • Fly to Yellowknife

    Fly to Yellowknife
    Air TindiWeather is so uncertain I decided it was unwise to depend on making a 30 minute connection. I flew to YK on Tuesday afternoon rather than Wednesday morning, so I'd not need to worry about catching my Noon flight to Edmonton
  • Fly to Edmonton

    Fly to Edmonton
    Food RescueSure enough, it's a foggy morning. Glad we flew to YK yesterday. No worries about getting weathered in in Whati and missing my flight to Edmonton for the Symposium. Lots of time to get business done in Yellowknife in the morning. Set up details with BMO for my banking workshop later this month. Visited the Food Rescue program friends of ours are operating.
  • Community Access Symposium

    Community Access Symposium
    Access Symposiumit starts here - will add more as days progress.
  • Presentation at Symposium

    Presentation at Symposium
    Made my first on-line presentation. At first I paid more attention to the 4 people on-line than the dozen or more physically present in the room with me. Got over that in a few minutes, and managed to pay attention to both audiences. Discovered Prezi doesn't play well with Elliminate as an app share.
  • WEM

    West Edmonton Mall - Waterpark Wavepool - Grandkids
    Need I say more?
  • Home again

    Got a ride to YEG and had breakfast at Tims with the grandchildren before flying back home. Made it from Edmonton to Whati in 5 hours, 3 of them waiting between flights. What a switch from two days on the road.