FIFA Origins Timeline

By Kosta.S
  • Ebenezer Morley Forms Barnes F.C and Named 'Father' of The Association

    Ebenezer Morley Forms Barnes F.C and Named 'Father' of The Association
    Ebenezer Morley was an influential figure in The FA's history. He was very much responsible for the formation of The Football Association (FA). He not only created Barnes F.C in 1862 but wrote a persuasive news article about how football should have a set of rules just like the MCC had for cricket. This article led to to a very first historical meeting at the Freemasons' Tavern in Great Queen Street. Collectively these events lead to the formation of the FA on the 26th of October 1863.
  • Hirschmann Approaches The FA About European Unity

    Hirschmann Approaches The FA About European Unity
    In 1902 Cornelis August Wilhelm Hirschman secretary of the Netherlands FA approached The English FA about an international uniformity of the football laws in all countries and an international championship. Those involved always intended to recognise the English in their new association since they founded football. The English saw no advantages in this organisation, accepted anyway but stalled progress waiting for other countries opinions.
  • First Official International Match

    First Official International Match
    When the first official international match took place, between Belgium and France in Brussels on the 1st of May 1904, it gave Guerin (French Secretary) and Belgian counterpart Louis Muhlinghaus a chance to talk. After a lot of stalling by The English FA it became evident that they would not join FIFA.
  • Robert Guerin Sends Invitations to Founding Associations

    Robert Guerin Sends Invitations to Founding Associations
    Once Guerin was sure that The FA were not going to join FIFA he took the opportunity to send out invitations to the 7 founding associations. These associations included France (Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques), Belgium (Union Belge des Sociétés de Sports), Denmark (Dansk Boldspil Union), Netherlands (Nederlandsche Voetbal Bond), Spain (Madrid Football Club), Sweden (Svenska Bollspells Förbundet) and Switzerland (Association Suisse de Football)
  • FIFA is Founded

    FIFA is Founded
    FIFA was founded in the rear headquarters of Union Française de Sports Athlétiques at the Rue Saint Honoré 229 in Paris. The foundation act was signed by many authorized representatives. Representatives at the meeting included: Robert Guérin, André Espir (France), Louis Muhlinghaus, Max Kahn (Belgium), Ludvig Sylow (Denmark), Carl Anton Wilhelm Hirschman (Netherlands), Victor E Schneider (Switzerland). Sylow represented Sweeden and Spir conducted the same function for the Madrid Football Club.
  • The First FIFA Congress

    The First FIFA Congress
    The first congress was a very influential event in FIFA history as it appointed the many roles involved to certain individuals. They are as follows. Robert Guerin of the Netherlands was appointed president. Victor E Schneider of Switzerland and Carl Anton Wilhelm Hirschman of the Netherlands were appointed Vice-Presidents. Louis Muhlinghaus of Belgium with assistance from Ludvig Sylow of Denmark was appointed Secretary and Treasurer.
  • First Statutes Come Into Force

    First Statutes Come Into Force
    Although the first FIFA statutes were laid down earlier in the process they were officially put into force on the 1st of September 1904.
    There was an annual fee of FF50 (French Franc) from each nation
    The first Statutes of FIFA were only of a provisional nature, in order to simplify the acceptance of additional members
  • The FA Joins FIFA

    The FA Joins FIFA
    Although FIFA existed it was only on paper. They were in need of attracting new members especially England. When the English FA recognised that there was a lot of interest in FIFA by competitive nations they started to be more interested. Then Baron Edouard de Laveleye (Belgium) helped to squash any last concerns which saw the English join in 1905. Having them join was a huge success for FIFA.
  • The Road to the First World Cup

    The Road to the First World Cup
    Football was a part of the Olympic Games more than 2 decades before FIFA organised the first World Cup. FIFA saw the success of the olympic football tournament which intensified its wish for its own World Championship.
    FIFA congress in 1928 decided to start organising a World Cup to be held in 1930
  • First FIFA World Cup Begins

    First FIFA World Cup Begins
    The first world cup was hosted by Uruguay mainly due to the fact that they would be celebrating the centenary of its first constitution and they had retained their football title at the Summer Olympics of 1928.Thirteen teams would take part in this historic event where tournament favourites Uruguay came out on top. This event was the beginning of a new era for world football and proved a successful campaign both in a sporting and financial sense