• NSW become the first state founded

    NSW becomes the first state founed giving it moreleverage and power compard to new states founded later.
  • Convict James Daly found gold, hoax

    Convict James Daly found gold, hoax
  • Henry Parkes born

  • James McBrian found gold east of Bathurst

  • Laws and statutes to rule NSW and Van Diemen’s land

  • Van Diemens land mapped

  • Government was established in SA

  • WA is mapped.

  • Mr Strzelecki found gold in the mountain, Governor George Gipps told him to keep it quiet.

  • Earl Grey, proposed federal system including tariffs

  • Edmund Barton born

  • 200,000 free settlers and immigrants migrated to Australia

    200,000 free settlers and immigrants migrated to Australia
  • Defence from Germany and France

  • SA becomes an official state

  • Total population 437,000 people living in Australia

  • Mining laws were introduced

  • Victoria

    Victoria become separate colony
  • Gold rush

    Victoria's gold rush begins, letting the state become more powerful
  • NSW fully discovered

  • 100,000 prospectors migrated to Australia for gold

  • John Quick born

  • France took over New Caledonia, north east of Australia. Starts to scare British government

  • Eureka Stockade

  • Victoria separates from Australia

  • Passed first immigration act

  • Henry Parks became part of NSW government

  • NSW expands borders to WA

  • Queensland developed

  • 1860-1861 six anti-chinese riots

  • SA extends borders to meet WA

  • Queensland extends borders to SA

  • Tariff problem

    Victoria adopted a protectionist free trade policy whilst New South Wales advocated free trade
  • Inter colonial conference all colonies agreed on tariff

  • Sydney inter colonial conference

  • Welcome stranger nugget found

  • Second inter colonial conference didn’t agree on tariffs, British troops left

  • Queensland finds gold deposits

  • Edmund Barton joined parliament protectionist parliament NSW

  • John quick joined parliament

  • Germany took over parts of Papua New Guinea

  • Henry Parks speaks in favour of federation

  • Tenterfield address, Parks called for the colonies to unite, supported by Barton

  • Free trade party and protectionist party created

  • Edmund Barton joined Parks campaign both from NSW

  • Constitution convention

  • A complete draft for the constitution was created

  • Corowa conference,Quick put forward a draft a constitution for Australia uniting.

  • Henry Parks dies

  • Quick joined national federation party quick from VIC

  • All colonies expect Queensland meet in Adelaide

  • Barton revised draft constitution to make it more democratic

  • Queen Victoria signed asset, making Australia a part of the commonwealth

  • Federation NSW VIC

    By the time federation came around, NSW and VIC were the most powerful states, and both wanted to be the capital. However, because of their rivalry, none became the capital, although Melbourne was made capital temporarily before Canberra was created
  • Australia states come together, become a united nation

  • Edmund Barton elected prime minister

  • First federal election

  • Edmund Barton resigns, joins high court

  • George Reed becomes prime minister

  • NT takes up half of NSW

  • ACT marked on the map

  • Quick Bendigo’s first MP