• Western Australia

    W.A was proclaimed
  • Boundaries

    boundaries were established between WA, SA and NSW no specific date avaliable
  • Colonies Act passed by British Empire

    Australian Colonies Government Act passed by British Parliament. n.d avaliable
  • Seperation

    Queensland separated from NSW n.d avaliable
  • The Begining

  • Period: to


    important steps towards Federation in Australia
  • Federal Council

    The British Parliament passed the Federal Council of Australasia Act
  • First Women to Vote

    SA first Australian colony to grant women the vote and the first in the World to allow women to stand for Parliament
  • British Approval

    All the colanise were still ruled by Britten so for the Federation to be etsablished, it needed to be legalised by the Britsh Parliament. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) was passed on 5 July n.d availiable
  • The Commonwealth of Australia

    On 1 January 1901, what had been legally disparate colonies the previous day were now States of Australia
  • The First Federal Election

    The first Federal election was held on 9 March, with Barton remaining as Prime Minister